At Vernon we firmly believe in our desire and capacity to create and communicate big ideas,
showing our passion to create innovative contents to the world,
to surprise our clients and to entertain our audiences.

    Marketing is sexy and you know it! ... We strive so your product or service is the most attractive, the most seen and the most desired by consumers. You want to conquer the market, know who your future customers are, where you can find them and deliver your
    message to them?

    Well, we can help you with that.

    What would have been of Michael Jackson without his particular style? Because not everything is about talent,the image you project is important as well We offer amarketing consulting so your product or service’s look is irresistible and makes an impact on the market. We develop: branding, advertising pieces, illustrations, photo editing.

    “Creative with strategy is called ADVERTISING” Jef Richards. At Vernon we like to create ideas that surprise and entertain our target; we love the irreverence towards the status quo. We take the commercial objectives of our clients seriously and we design innovative initiatives to reach the goals. Concepts, campaigns, media, advertising pieces...… that is our world! You name it and we will get it done!

    In 3, 2, 1… ACTION! At Vernon we want to tell your story! We help you with everything you need so you can deliver big emotions on the screen: conceptualization, script, video marketing, corporative videos, branded video content, animations, motion graphics, photographic sessions, production and post production. Tell us, what else do you need?